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  ABS Plastics Ltd.
  ABHI Technical Consultants
  Advance Eng. Fab. Industry
  Adar Chemical (P) Ltd.
  Ajwa Fun World & Resort Ltd.
  Akshay Chemicals
  Advance Opthalmic Imaging (P) LTD.
  Alpmit  Engi. Pvt. Ltd.
  Alex Wood Working (P) Ltd
  Amar Construction
  Ami Engg.
  Amya Dycame (P) Ltd.
  Amoli Organic Ltd.
  Aneja Construction (I) Ltd.

innovationThe sustainability of an organization today depends heavily on innovation. Businesses today face challenges to their viability from numerous angles. Due to increasing globalization, accelerating markets and extremely unpredictable demand due to uncertainties in business environment businesses need to adapt to the ever changing business environment in order to stay relevant and competitive. Instant Management Consultant (IMC) 's management consulting services on innovation has delivered innovative solutions to many companies leading to positive impact to their business goals.



Strategy forms the core of an organization. Instant Management Consultant (IMC) , one of the top consulting firms in strategy help organizations to develop strategic insights that fosters company growth and long term goals. In today's uncertain business environment, organizations need to ensure that they create a flexible yet robust plan making informed choices, communicate clearly what the plan means for each level of business divisions/functions and provide seamless execution & control a mechanism that empowers all to achieve the plan.

Problem Solving.........
Instant Management Consultant (IMC) 's business consulting services on problem solving are recognized as one of the best consulting services in India and APAC on business excellence. Instant Management Consultant (IMC) helps other businesses solve their problems by unlocking inherent potential and delivering effective results on ground. We provide the much needed tools that businesses need to have in order to meet business needs with profitable services and products that address their customer's requirements in the most effective way.
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